So just how good is Word 2010

Initially I thought 2010 was really just a more reliable form of 2007, but it seems there are many new features that are worth taking a look at.
  • The fully customisable ribbon is probably the single most important change between 2007 and 2010
  • It is great to go back to having a File menu, and even more to have all the file organisation commands available on one page.  Options are now here, and File Properties.
  • In the Recent documents menu you can now pin file paths as well as documents.
  • The Navigation pane is now much more powerful, and although the organisation is not particularly intuitive, there are some great new features.  Editors will love the new Search feature which displays all instances of the searched for text in context.
  • It is now possible to do simple screenshots directly from within Word.  Those used to the sophistication of SnagIt will not be impressed, but it is an improvement on the print screen function.
  • You can edit a document and change page layout in Print Preview - which is a nice feature now in the File, Print menu.
  • Saving to PDF is now fully integrated.
Perhaps a significant area of development are all the new or expanded features that involve interaction with on-line services. Most of these can be regarded as "immature" - in other words, too difficult or poorly designed to follow as they stand, but I am sure we can expect their design to be simplified in later versions.
  • It is now possible to complete some pretty sophisticated translation options directly within Word and to interface between Word and an on-line translation facility to translate entire documents. The help files for this are either inadequate or wrong, but it is worth ploughing through and making sense of it if you ever need to translate.
  • Two or more people can work on the same document, simultaneously with the co-authoring feature.  This is a very complicated to follow, but will presumably "mature" in later versions.
  • You can edit your documents using your mobile phone. I haven't tested this so I cannot comment.
  • You can save to the web, to SharePoint, and to a nominated blog. 

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