Did you know? Some handy Word 2007 tips

…you can download an add-in to convert to PDF from within Word?

Click 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF.

…you can do much more with Find and Replace than meets the eye?

Click Microsoft Word 2007 help for full instructions.

...you can search by code.

Click Use codes to find letters, formatting, fields, or special characters to see list of codes you can search on.

…you can browse by object such as graphics, tables etc?

Click the grey ball towards the bottom of the scroll bar.
Select one of the options.
Press Ctrl Page Down to find the next instance.
    …you can suppress page number in TOC

    Type \n 1-1 outside the inverted commas in your TOC code to suppress the page number for TOC 1 style.
    Type \n 1-2 to suppress line numbers for the first two TOC levels etc.
      …you can bold your Index page numbers without bolding the Index entry

      Add \b to your index entry, for example, {XE"business overview" \b}.

      You can tick the checkbox for each index entry you add through References, Mark Entry, Page number format, or you can edit all your field codes.

      If your Index style is bold, /b will un-bold the page number.
        …you can autogenerate text

        On a new line in Word, type =rand() and press Enter.Word will insert several paragraphs of text taken from the HELP pages.

        To control the amount of text displayed, type two numbers, separated by a comma inside the parentheses, the first figure for the number of paragraphs and the second for the number of sentences per paragraph. So, typing =rand(2,4) will generate two paragraphs with 4 sentences each.


          1. Anyone know why word count on lower left hand corner of a word doc is not the same as word count displayed by readability statistics?

          2. No idea. Let me know if you find out.

            1. I finally found out. Take this as example: "You can do this and/or that." Readability statistics tells you it's 7 words, but the word count function says it's six words ! The same applies to "9/11" as well as any words separated by "non-punctuation" marks, such as *. Very strange.

            2. Thanks for posting this. I guess that this one is likely to be an MS coding error.